Wednesday, April 16, 2008

APA's Draft Policy Guide on Planning & Climate Change

APA is encouraging members to read and comment on the Draft Policy Guide on Planning and Climate Change. Please let us know your thoughts and we will summarize and submit to APA.

Other APA policy guides can be found here.

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Slaax Gumbo said...

I didn't read the entire policy guide, but I did read through the section on transportation.

I think APA should support moving away from the gas tax and the principal method for funding transportation. I recommend that APA advocate shifting the gas tax over to a sales tax for transportation for these reasons: 1) The gas tax (cents per gallon) does not keep pace with inflation 2) gas tax revenues can be expected to decline as gas consumption declines in response to higher prices and 3) we can begin the philosophical shift from a gas tax being a user fee to support roads to a sales tax being a user fee to support a multi-modal transportation system.

- Frank Miller