Tuesday, May 27, 2008

TRB or Railvolution?

Would you be more inclined/interested to attend the mid-year TPD meeting if it were not held so close to the National meeting? TRB has been a good fit for us over the years, but we are considering moving the mid-year meeting to Railvolution (October 26-29, San Francisco) to spread things out a bit on the calendar.

One upside is that it isn't so close on the calendar to APA National. One downside is that Railvolution is heavily oriented to transit, and may not be of interest to non-transit TPD members.

Please answer the polls on the right. Feel free to add you comments about this idea to this post.



R Rolland said...

Railvolution looks interesting but if it is October 2008 (you don't say) then I can not attend as it is in direct conflict with a WSDOT conference I am involved with.

I attend TRB every year. I rarely attend the National APA meeting. So TRB works very well for me.

iowaplanner said...

I attend TRB annually and usually go to the business meeting (although I did not this year). Due to the academic calendar I would not not attend an October meeting. I also go to the APA meetings frequently, and generally attend the division meeting there.

jmb said...

i will be at TRB, but not Railvolution.

Jim said...

I was unable to attend the business mtg at TRB last year, but, I do plan to attend future meetings if they are held at TRB in January. I also only attend the APA natl conferences sporadically so the January date works very well.

Thanks for asking.